Wooden Secret Base  completion2020.8

"photo by Toru kitamura"



我々はこの器を「wooden secret base -木製秘密基地- 」と呼ぶことにした。
We decided to name this vessel "A Wooden Secret Base".
This two-story steel-framed building is located at the center of Takamatsu city, made for single living purpose.
Living here, the client wanted to imagine the set of the TV drama "Angel full of scratches". So, we were asked to propose a Showa-era like avant-garde space, just like the protagonist, who lives in a penthouse freely.
Thus, we felt that this house also needed a vessel that allows freedom as well as a sense of ruggedness.
As to function properly, a place is set only for the necessary kitchen and water area so that one could live freely only with the furniture layout.
A steel structure is selected to create a large-capacity space that allows free living. A huge atrium that occupies 1/4 of the whole building is arranged to form a huge one room space where the 1st and 2nd floors are connected without any partitions.
Most of the interior is exposed to the structure, and the floor walls are made of mortar, creating a rugged atmosphere.
A playful appearance is created by putting wooden boards on the exterior to cover them up.
LDK / water area and garage are located on the first floor. And the glass-enclosed garage is integrated with the living space.
The second floor is a private zone with a bedroom and a second living room
where the space overlooks every corner of the room.
Many vintage furniture and pendant lights are placed for the interior decoration. Coupled with the rugged interior space, when you go inside, you get the illusion of going back in time and stepping into another world.