PLEASANT WOODEN BOX  completion:2014.12

photo by Takahiro Shimokawa



PLEASANT WOODEN BOX ~たのしい木箱~は極めて「シンプルな快適」を提案している。頑強な構造体と適切な通風・採光の確保によって住まいの土台を構築。「暮らし方」は、ご家族の未来~その時々に適応できる自由性を謳歌していただきたい。大きな木箱の内部を仕切ったり開いたりしながら、暮らしの中での工夫や発見を楽しんでいただけたら幸いである。

河口 佳介 + K2-DESIGN
主宰 河口 佳介

Osakacho, located west of Mihara City, Hiroshima Prefecture. The town has a number of ruins from the Jomon and Yayoi periods (approximately 14000 BC~ 300 AD) such as the Mitoshiro Ruins and is situated in a deep green mountain area.

The building is a residence planned on prepared land in the mountains. The client obtained property at the far west edge of the developed land with high hills soaring to the east. To the southwest spreads terraced rice fields blessed with nature and bountiful sunshine. We designed a simple rectangular box-type house so that room configurations could be flexible as the family grows in the future.

To allow for consistent circulation of fresh air, the house was lifted off the ground with a concrete base and two courtyards were integrated. Since wind flows effectively when airways are secured, appropriate openings to the outside keep inside air continually fresh.

The living, dining and kitchen area, where residents spend most of the day, faces rice fields so that they can enjoy an expansive landscape from the window. Courtyards let the morning sunlight into the house. For the exterior, wooden panels are abundantly used. We wanted the house not only to be resilient to the outside environment, but also to match the surrounding rusticity.

PLEASANT WOODEN BOX proposes “simple comfort.” A strong body structure, ample ventilation and well secured sunlight form the concept for this dwelling. “How to live?” The family can contemplate their needs with the freedom and flexibility to adapt to the times. By opening and closing spaces inside the big wooden box, we hope they enjoy their future plans and discoveries.