EFFECTUALNESS -奏功-エフェクトルネス  completion:2013.6

photo by Koji Fujii(Nacasa&Partners Inc)




河口 佳介 + K2-DESIGN
主宰 河口 佳介
It is a private house located in Hamamatsu city, Shizuoka prefecture. As there is a road which is about 20m width in front to the site, the traffic is busy all day long. Therefore, it is very important to consider how to protect from noise and privacy especially in the morning and at night when designing this house. Also, as we needed to secure space for the parking lot of 4 cars, cantilever structure is adopted in the second floor. Bottom is to be used for a parking lot and the top part is used for living space. This structure which has no pillars makes it relatively easy for cars to go in and out and also secure sufficient parking space for cars. Also, it makes it possible to maximize the floor space in the site. We decided to close the building facing the road in order to further increase the living comfort. For ventilation, lighting and spaciousness, we deigned the opening in "open place" to be clear and effective. The theme of this house is "efficacy". We designed to achieve improved quality of living as result of its function and efficiency by effectively combine various measurements.