Takamatsu STOREHOUSE  completion:2015.5

photo by Toru Kitamura









河口 佳介 + K2-DESIGN
主宰 河口 佳介

Takamatsu city is located in the center of Kagawa Prefecture. It is surrounded by rich nature that was nurtured by the mild climate of the Seto Inland Sea and has continue to develop in recent years.
This building is a shop combined house that has been built in a suburb of Takamatsu city.

The building constitutes from four types of materials, "tree", "iron", "glass" and "concrete". By maintaining a good balance of these, it made it possible to maximize the feature of each material which are "warmth of wood," "profound feeling of iron", "clarity of glass," and "solidity of concrete".
Space surrounded by the goodness of the materials, it wraps the antique furniture and accessories that have been displayed in the space and has added the taste to the building.

The building is planned to be located in a are where the garden in the south can be as big as possible in the trapezoidal site. The dining room and the kitchen floor is raised by 1m compared to the living room in the first floor so that relaxing space can be secured while forming an open space with glass.
Living room is 1m lower than the dining room and the kitchen, so the ceiling height is set to be 3.2m and it secures openness. By connecting the space which has different height by using African native Muninga which has beautiful grain in the ceiling, one can feel the comfortableness anywhere. By placing a semi-basement space under the dining kitchen rather than simply backfilling with the concrete, ventilation and humidity control can effectively achieved like raised-floor-style house.

Bedrooms are placed in the second floor using Mozambique native Muninga in the ceiling, Mozambique native Afzeria and old timber in the wall. We have produced a calm space wrapped only in natural materials "timber". Old timber is also used on the walls in the south side of the balcony so that one can feel that balcony is a part of the bedroom rather than the outside. It is a space where one can feel the natural environment such as "raining inside".

The building can give comfort to people who live in by getting close to the nature. What we mean by nature is not only about the trees outside but also the materials used in the interior. We hope that this building will continue to grow with the residents by discovering variety of changes as time goes by.