鎌倉の家 House of Kamakura completion:2016.5

photo by Koji Fujii(Nacasa&Partners Inc)




河口 佳介 + K2-DESIGN
主宰 河口 佳介
This house is built in a rich green area, close to the ancient capital • Kamakura - Meigetsuin. The green of Kamakura has a deep flavor. Most of the historical heritage unites with the natural environment of the hilly hill and forms a unique climate. This building has an existing main building. By the years accumulated in this place, its appearance is classy and beautiful. It also kept its taste in the new buildings and carefully planned, reflecting the desires of families who are actually living. If you are conscious of the surrounding landscape and the culture of this area, you will eventually arrive at a building that is naturally robust. Ventilation, day lighting, and safety can be satisfied in modern life style. We carefully considered the "suitability" of the material, and stuck to the "proper" of the place and amount to be used. The appearance of the low center of gravity which took the eaves deeply put emphasis on the sense of stability for both appearance and quality. Besides, for the entire color tone inside and outside the room, consideration is given to changes caused by aging. The historical buildings in the area of Kamakura have almost no contemporary primary colors, and their characteristics are felt also in the client's main house. Therefore, although all buildings are unitary, in this case we considered the harmony with the surroundings and the close-up landscape to be particularly important. The color of a natural material’s appearance changed to calm atmosphere over time. The layout of the building is a plan to make the best use of the distance between the inner spaces according to the shape of the site. In the interior, the chestnut material hand ax finishing was applied everywhere, and adopted diatomaceous earth painted wall • Oya stone as an accent on the wall. The yuzu skin of diatomaceous earth has good compatibility with the hand axed finish material, and it is compatible with the touch of Oya stone. The shadow produced by fine asperity changes the expression according to the condition of light and directs depth. In addition, these materials excellent in moisture control and fire resistance also play a part in adjusting the indoor environment. We placed small windows in the small lot of the wall to see the view of the garden. Housing in the historical land of Kamakura, making full use of the benefits of the site. The fusion of computed beautiful bare sense and contemporary function.